Oops- Forgot the Swahili Quiz

Sorry- yesterday I went with two friends to Tanzania’s sort of Goodwill Store. By sort of, I mean not at all but it’s cheaper than the regular market. It’s called Saba Saba. Saba means something. What?

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8 Responses to Oops- Forgot the Swahili Quiz

  1. Sarah says:

    Seven? Kind of like a 7-11?


  2. Gaby Alesi says:

    Saba means Seven.


  3. erik greenbaum says:

    too fast this time! Are the CK’s still getting nets at distribution? I don’t recall this happening in Nzali…thanks!


  4. Lauren Salminen says:

    I think it means 7/7 as in July 7 – some kind of holiday?
    And no, I don’t speak Swahili – which is embarrassing after 8 years!

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  5. jccrosby2014 says:

    The stories I got are that seven people started the whole thing and that 7/7 is some sort of holiday, like a Labor Day for us. SO you still get one point for extra info.


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