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Tanzanians, and I’ve heard other Africans, take greetings very seriously. I’ve talked about how kind the people are here. And, now three times, people have taken me by the hand and shown me to my destination when I was lost. … Continue reading

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More Shopping Thoughts or Potatoes and Kittens

One of the coolest things about here is that you can walk around most corners and buy fabulous produce. I bought the biggest pineapple and avocado I have ever seen the other day and they were both so delicious. (I … Continue reading

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Shopping Can Wait

I have finished the post I promised with more shopping stories and I was about to post it when something happened. This is not the first time this has happened by a long shot, but today it got me bad. … Continue reading

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Life Boat Question

There are things we can control in our lives; there are things we cannot. There are hundreds of books written about Africa and her struggles.  The question we hear lately is, what do we owe Africa? What does anyone “owe” … Continue reading

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Well, doubt some things

On my preview of my last post, the youtube video showed up just fine. But when I got my copy, it wasn’t there. SO here’s the link:

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Never, Never Doubt

“You should never, never doubt something no one is sure of.” Willy Wonka (Roald Dahl) Last Sunday morning in Church, we had a visit and a song from a group called Safina. Safina is an organization that helps street kids, … Continue reading

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