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Some Thoughts- Maybe Final Thoughts, Maybe Not

Hello Friends! I was asked to preach at my church, St. Luke’s Simeon, here in Charlottesville about my time in Tanzania. I am posting the sermon here as some final thoughts, knowing that I may have more to say at … Continue reading

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Why Carpenter’s Kids?

Sunday was an amazing day in Mwitikira, but that will have to wait. For now, I want to tell a  short story. This is Manero, before he had surgery, arranged by the staff and paid for by the generous donors … Continue reading

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Goats, Kalamatas, and Greetings- Ten Reflection on a Year

As my time here in Tanzania winds down, I have ten thoughts to share, things I’ve learned from this wonderful almost-year. Goat: I don’t know if it’s red meat or the other other other white meat, but boy, it’s tasty. … Continue reading

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One Tomb; Two Teens; the Lottery of Location; and the Rest of Us

A blog entitled “We Are All Carpenter’s Kids” should surely have an Easter post, and I am sorry it didn’t. Wherever you woke up Easter morning, the tomb was empty. Whether you celebrated in one of the world’s richer countries … Continue reading

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Bucket List Part Two

I gave you all a few extra days so someone could get the trivia question and be in the running for the fabulous prize. But nobody played. Nobody. I’ll give you the answers anyway because, obviously, I find them interesting. … Continue reading

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Tanzania Should be on Your Bucket List

And today, I am going to tell you some of the reasons why. I have a feeling this is a two-part post, so fascinating is this country and her people. In fact, a friend of mine told me recently that … Continue reading

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Common House Snake?

Sounds stupid because it is.  Two of my co-workers whom I adore, and I adore them all, how often to you get to say that?- happened to walk by when the photo of the “Common House Snake; the one in … Continue reading

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Fun with Snakes

So today’s post is  going to be a slice of Tanzania for you. I have so much to share including a magic potion and some thoughts on fruit. But today let’s start with snakes. I’m not super-scared of snakes. I … Continue reading

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Is all I’m copping to. 50% my fault, 50% technology’s fault. But as soon as I pressed send on the last post, I figured out a way to send the pictures. So here they are. This is Canon Noah, telling … Continue reading

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Seconday and Vocational School

If you have been reading my blogs from the beginning (and that’s what all the cool kids are doing) then you know that Carpenter’s Kids is a program started to get vulnerable kids through Primary School.  The 50 most vulnerable … Continue reading

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