Malaria Nets Round 2

I promised follow up photos of malaria nets delivery and here they are!

These are just a few young men who received nets in the course of their regular Carpenter’s Kids delivery.  But, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were days of Extreme Net Delivery! Canon Noah, Pastor Emanuel, and Daudi each took trucks filled with nets to between 10 and 14 villages a day, each! Villages, by the way, don’t tend to be close to one another at all, and just to remind you again, in terms of parishes and members, the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika is the largest Anglican Communion Diocese (which yes, includes Episcopalians) in the world!

There was actually no room, once the trucks were filled each day,  for even one extra passenger.  Much as I would have enjoyed going (once), when I heard details, I felt ok about not going. Hundreds of kilometers were covered on roads that I don’t want to criticize, but trust me, I could. I had hoped to get over to the departure spot one morning, and arrived before 7:00 AM,  but they were gone already, and the return home each evening was too late for me to catch either.

Summary: a tremendous amount of life-affirming, indeed life-saving, work happens as part of the Carpenter’s Kids program, and many people are entirely unaware of it. Well, that won’t happen so much now because I have a big mouth.

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2 Responses to Malaria Nets Round 2

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    Jude, there are no photos 🙂


  2. jccrosby2014 says:

    It’s weird because there are on mine. Gotta fix this!


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