More Shopping Thoughts or Potatoes and Kittens

One of the coolest things about here is that you can walk around most corners and buy fabulous produce. I bought the biggest pineapple and avocado I have ever seen the other day and they were both so delicious. (I had forgotten that cutting pineapples myself is typically a bad idea. Luckily, the slash is very superficial.)

Which is where the kittens come in. My friend from Northern Ireland, Sarah, whom I adore, bought potatoes from a lady by the road the other day. As she was walking away, she saw several evidently unbearably cute kittens behind the potato seller. So she asked the potato lady how much, and she responded 5,000 tsh. So Sarah made a face which the lady took to mean, “that’s too much,” so she immediately reduced the price to 3,000 tsh. What Sarah’s look actually meant was, “So there I am asking myself why am I buying a kitten from a lady who sells potatoes?”  She resisted, but I bet Sarah goes back for it.We have cats now. Two big black brothers and a tabby we don’t see much. I really don’t care for cats. But here comes another one of those transformations.

Down the road there are two booths that sell most of what you need.  I needed milk, masiwa. Milk here typically comes in boxes that you then refrigerate. But the saleslady offered me cold milk in square pouches so I  bought two!

Next morning I make coffee for myself and the guard. I open the pouch of Tanga Fresh to discover that it’s the color of milk, smells and tastes fine,  it is sort of milk consistency but clumpy. Mad, crazy clumpy. I’m confused but I think- don’t some people drink clotted cream or something? Is that what this is?  I take the  coffees and go to the guard and the two of us look at them. I say, something doesn’t look right here, to which he nodded his agreement. Well the thing that was wrong is, it was yogurt not milk. Same word in Swahili. The cats love it, however, which is why I now feel I have to buy that yogurt for them. I am buying yogurt for cats.

Then yesterday I had an  embarrassing moment at the duka la dawa. I needed B12 vitamins (prevents malaria) and a laxative. I’m going to skip the details of trying to act out what I meant because even when I wrote it down, the word laxative wasn’t registering.  (HIPPA isn’t a thing here so now the whole store is involved.) When they third employee  got involved, I said, inexplicably, “For when you need to go number 2.” Knowing this may not be a universal expression and it’s not. The lady who was the main person helping me finally yelled, “are you constipated?” Yes, yes I am, asante sana. When I told my ex-pat friends the story, none of them knew that expression. It’s purely American apparently.  “Number 2?!” What am I? Five?

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13 Responses to More Shopping Thoughts or Potatoes and Kittens

  1. Angie Jones says:

    Judy, I am sure you will have the entire continent saying “number two” before you come home!? I love hearing of your adventures and good works! Hope you are well, Matt

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  2. Charlcie Fielding says:

    Ah………the life of a true missionary………

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  3. maria says:

    lol brilliant judy!!!! love u!!!1


  4. Elizabeth says:

    But aren’t you now allergic to cats? Even though you had one and were around them growing up? Too funny! Your stories make me laugh. Did dad give you all the police patches? We love you.

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  5. meems says: are hysterical.
    Eliz I think this whole thing about cats is figment of her imagination but, I won’t argue because I always lose!
    You are so sweet to take care of the kittens!
    yes she loved her cat growing up..and don’t think they will bother her!..
    UR a good do-be! Glad you got a laxative..because the zombie tummy must be gone! LV U. Mom♡♡♡


  6. Gaby Alesi says:

    Look at you taking care kittens! Nice work
    Love and miss you!!


  7. Jim Crosby says:

    Thank goodness your kitten wasn’t constipated!


  8. Jim Crosby says:

    PS…the words “constipated” and “Crosby” are rarely in the same sentence. Just sayin’.

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    • Meems says:

      Well after the wonderful remarks by your brilliant brother, did you name the kittens? #1, #2, Hope and Faith, Thing 1, Thing 2????


  9. Meems says:

    Well after the wonderful remarks by your brilliant brother, did you name the kittens? #1, #2, Hope and Faith, Thing 1, Thing 2????


  10. jccrosby2014 says:

    The cats we have are grown and named Fred and Ted, i Think. Sarah did not go back yet for the kitten. But if she does, I will surely pass on the suggestions.


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