Distribution Part Two or Gifts or Kuku Nzuri

The kindness and generosity of the Tanzanian people is evident throughout the day.  At lunch just a little while ago, a young man sat at the table with when and, when he learned I had never tried ugali, insisted I share his. One of the many moving experiences of Distribution Day came when we were leaving Ilindi, after having tea with Pastor Josia and his wife.  They told Pastor Noah that they wanted to give me a gift. When I learned what it was, I said quietly to Pastor N, what would I do with that? But that was a very wrong answer so I quickly said to our hosts, Asante sana! Thank you very much! I was and am extremely touched. These are people who don’t have much and don’t seem to have protein to spare.

kuku jcc 2

At first I named her Onyo which means Danger because she should come with a warning. If you pick her up, she will poop on you. A lot. But then I thought it sounded  strange to go outside and call for her saying essentially, “Warning! Warning!” over and over. Probably not the best way to fit in with the neighbors.  So with the help of one of the Watchmen, Isai, she has been renamed Kuku Nzuri- Good Chicken.  She eats ants and corn and she has not tried to run away so I think she is happy with us!  When I move to my new residence in a couple of weeks, there will be no place for her. I don’t know what I’ll do then. I wonder if the new Bishop will let me keep her there if I take care of her. Not that I take care of her now, per se. I go out and look for her and call her to come like a dog, which she doesn’t. I do not pick her up any more. I don’t think she likes it.

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4 Responses to Distribution Part Two or Gifts or Kuku Nzuri

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    You, YOU have a chicken?? I thought you meant a cooked chicken. hahahahaha


  2. Tom zaizar says:

    Mahalo for sharing your adventures . I can’t wait to read more . Much love and Aloha from Maui 🌴


  3. Mark Ratzlaff says:

    Judy – I finally had the opportunity to sit, read and reflect on the wonderful work you are doing. What an amazingly enriching adventure you are on. What a gift you are giving and what a gift you are receiving. Peace be with you.


  4. delaneyozmun says:

    Judy, this post is hysterical! I’m so glad someone gave you a chicken. That is amazing. I can’t wait to hear more! Glad things seem to be going well!


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