Back to me…

Hello again with the news from Dodoma!

Last week, Pastor Noah took me to the Carpenter’s Kids Office here at the Mackay House in Dodoma.  I met the wonderful folks who work here- Noel, Daudi, Stanley, and Fr. Emanuel.  Then, Emanuel, Pastor Noah and I went to the secondary and vocational school in the village of Ibihwa and had a great visit there with the principal,  teachers and students.  The students were so engaged and friendly! There was a meeting with several students which was, oddly, in Kiswahili so I was mostly just sitting there smiling when I heard a loud, bizarre noise. It was the baboons, come down for lunchtime.  They are different from any other baboons I have seen, large but sort of blondish. I was a bit taken aback until I was told that they are not a problem and that they were there first after all.  We also had tea with the staff with a kind of doughnut item, which was good because I was pretty hungry by then.

I knew that I would be expected to employ a “Houselady” to help with cooking and cleaning. I  was, at first, a little uneasy but this is part of the economy.  Also, I am going to need some food. So, on Thursday, I was so happy to meet Margaret, a lovely lady who will be helping me two days a week, and shopping for me and cooking! And when I got home, there was lots of delicious food prepared for me!

On Sunday, I joined Pastor Noah and his family for a wonderful church service! The Children’s Choir must be seen! After Church, they do something cool- as everyone leaves the Church, they greet the people who have already walked out and line up next to them. So, everyone greets everyone!

Tomorrow we go to villages on “Distribution.” The children in the villages were measured for shoes and uniforms last week, and this week they are delivered along with socks, soap, and mosquito nets for the families. I promise pictures when I am back at work on Tuesday! Have a great weekend, friends!

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4 Responses to Back to me…

  1. Margarita says:

    Thank you, Judy, for sharing this adventure with us. So wise and respectful: the baboons WERE there first! xoM


  2. Maggie O'C says:

    Judy, you and Margarita would LOVE each other. You have the same sort of respect for the world.
    love to both of you, mag


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  4. Angie Jones says:

    Miss you! I love reading your post. I’m looking forward to more. Take care. Love you!!!


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