And We’re Off!

Hi folks,

This is Judy’s blogging friend Maggie posting for her because she is in Africa and just getting the hang of computer equipment over there and she’s Judy so that may take awhile.

Here is an excerpt of what she wrote to the parishioners at St. Luke’s in CVille. As you know or if you just found this on WordPress. Judy is working with Carpenter’s Kids for a year in Tanzania. I hope she will figure this out soon, so she can tell us what she is doing!

Without further ado:

Greetings friends, from Dodoma! I have been comfortably ensconced in my new home for 17 hours now and everything is truly good.

I had a small panic Saturday morning when I learned my flight to Atlanta was cancelled due to “weather.” What? It’s perfectly fine outside. Apparently the plane due to take us to Atlanta didn’t arrive Friday night due to weather somewhere. What? There aren’t any substitute planes anywhere? We have substitute school buses. No substitute planes? But, except for missing M. at the airport, it worked out fine and I traveled on the same itinerary on Sunday, arriving in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Monday night after stops in Amsterdam and Kilimanjaro. Pastor N., from the Carpenter’s Kids Program, navigated my visa issues, so within a half an hour, I was through customs and immigration and had both of my bags! I stayed Monday night at a beautiful hotel called the Peacock and had a delicious room service dinner at midnight.

You will probably not be shocked to learn that I managed to be in Tanzania a full 12 hours before I cried. In front of my new boss. And Frank the wonderful driver and the hotel staff. We were to leave the hotel at 10:00 so foolishly I set my IPad to wake me at 8:00. Oddly, the IPad hasn’t been connected to the internet in 3 days, it doesn’t know what time it is much less recognize a wake-up request. I bolted out of the bed at what I thought, for no apparent reason, was 9:00, but it was actually almost 10:00. When Pastor N. called the room at real-time 10:15, I told him I would be down in 15 minutes and I would have been except I couldn’t budge the larger of my two bags. (It’s the one the C’s gave me and I love it but just maybe I brought too many shoes. More on that later. Oh and yes, it does have wheels. So I called the front desk for help and a bit later a very kind lady far smaller than arrived, took the larger bag, watched me for a moment and then took the smaller bag and my carry-on. Without the eye-rolling I deserved. This, I think is a fine example of the famous Authentic Tanzanian Hospitality. When I got downstairs I was, quite naturally, asked to pay for my dinner but I didn’t have any Tanzanian shillings so Pastor N. paid. By then the embarrassment of being so incompetent and making everyone wait besides overcame me and I began to sob uncontrollably. Twelve hours in the country and I got my first, “Please stop crying.”

A half an hour into the confusing traffic jam in Dar, Pastor N. asked if I’d had breakfast. I said I don’t always eat breakfast and I am fine. Before I realized what was going on, we were back at the Peacock. I asked for coffee to go. To go didn’t seem to be a thing there. So an hour later I was eating the breakfast that was ordered for me, and since breakfast was over at 10:00, Pastor N. paid for that, too. So three hours after our original departure time, we left for Dodoma, surely inconveniencing also Pastor N’s family who I later learned made dinner for us.”

Stay tuned for Part 2, tomorrow!

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2 Responses to And We’re Off!

  1. Debra Berberich says:

    Judy, I’m loving your stories. Humorous and touching! You’re doing an awesome job!! Love from Deb and Dave


  2. Eva Olszewski says:

    Judy county me in, I love your stories. It’s like reading stories of great adventures . I love your take and sense of humor on all of it.. Keep on doing good job and be well Eva


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